The 1:1 Tablet Program Rolls On!

Last night we held an overview session for parents of next year’s grade 8, 9 and 10 students, all of whom will be receiving tablets on Day One of the 2009 – 2010 school year. That means all students in grades 8 – 12, around 300 students, and over 100 staff toting around instant access to information and the chance to transform teaching and learning.

As part of the presentation, our MSHS Principal showed the clip “Learning to Change – Changing to Learn” from the Consortium for School Networking. I hadn’t seen the clip since we showed it to our first group of parents last year. After a year of teaching in 1:1 classrooms, it was amazing to realize the reflective nature of the internal monologue inside my head as I watched this clip. Some quotes that were particularly noteworthy:

  • The student is at the center and school is just one of the places where they learn. (1:53)
  • We’ve got a classroom system when we could have a community system. (2:23)
  • Start with teachers. If I want my students to be making global connections, then I’m going to start with my teachers first. (2:48)
  • The coin of the realm will be: do you know how to find information, do you know how to validate it, do you know how to synthesize it, do you know how to leverage it, do you know how to communicate it, do you know how to collaborate with it, do you know how to problem solve with it? (4:11)
  • It’s the death of education, but the dawn of learning. (4:55)
It’s easy to watch the video or read the quotes and agree with them in principle. Only after experiencing the beginning of what’s possible does this truly resonate with me. In my position of Technology Facilitator next year, it will be important that these five points remain at the forefront of my work.